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QYResearch Co.,Ltd Cooperation Customers Show(Sanhuagroup)



QYResearch Co.,Ltd is a commitment to achieve global business performance growth and sustainable development of specialized global management consulting firm. Hengzhou Bozhi and automotive, machinery, electronics, clothing, equipment, medicine and other dozens of industries within the more than 5,000 customers from around the world cooperation in the world renowned.

QYResearch Co.,Ltd to high-quality report quality, high standards of analysts and experts, the most authoritative source of data received the industry's praise. Customers can feel the value of the report, it is enough to make our staff to make every effort to customer service, with the industry's top management knowledge to help enterprises to enhance their competitiveness, influence, as more than ten years has been The development of the management consulting firm, QYResearch.Ltd brand and reputation in the world continue to accumulate,our sucess can not be separated from the trust of customers, but also inseparable from QYResearch.Ltd treat each customer's enthusiasm and responsibility.

QYResearch Co.,Ltd cooperation customers show:

Japan  OMRON AMUSEMENT CO.,Ltd Korea LG China Sanhuagroup Juken Swiss Technology USA Global Surgical Corporation ASIA PACIFIC FIBERS Japan Toyo Kohan Co., Ltd. Ceamsa USA CV Technology


QYResearch Co.,Ltd will provide customers with more valuable management consulting services and enterprise information services as the driving force, make every effort to let every customer recognize us.