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Airbnb CEO hinted that the company may be listed in 2018

 Brian Chesky

According to CNBC, Airbnb CEO at the meeting of the New York Economic Club revealed that the company may be in the 2018 IPO.

Usually, the listing period is two years, Brian Chesky said the company has finished half of the listing period. In addition, he also revealed that the listing is not the pressure from investors.

At the meeting, he said:"We are preparing for the company's listing plan, which is a two-year event for them.At present, we have probably done half of the work.During this period, our investors are very patient They did not urge the company to list quickly.

Last week, Airbnb has just announced $ 450 million in new financing, which is part of the $ 1 billion F-round financing. The round was financed by Google Capital and Technology Crossover Ventures, with Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia Capital. The company has not yet announced the use of funds but is likely to be used for international expansion.

After the injection of funds, making the company's F round financing more than 1 billion US dollars, to 1003312065 dollars. After this round of financing, the company's valuation will be as high as 31 billion US dollars. The company, which was founded in 2008, has already completed $ 4.4 billion in financing.

According to informed sources, Airbnb has been in the second quarter of 2016 began to profit. The company expects to remain profitable in 2017. Airbnb's profit model is mainly to the tenants charge 6% -12% of the rent as a commission, and to the rental households to receive a small amount of commission. It is reported that Airbnb’s revenue grew more than 80% in 2016.

Because the company not only won the financing, and has begun to profit. So Forbes analysts believe that the company will be able to further postpone the IPO plan, and the company can continue to carry out the expansion plan. According to incomplete statistics, the current Airbnb has completed 13 acquisitions. In addition, the company is constantly trying a new business, and overweight in the expansion of foreign markets.

But at this meeting, Brian Chesky said:" In the face of fierce competition, Airbnb want to become more powerful." He also said to see too many companies, because of anxious IPO and frustrated. Airbnb is not anxious to IPO because the company is not so short of not less than $ 15 for partners who are cooperating with the company, as well as expanding services in some parts of the United States and providing more jobs.

Airbnb said in a report that the increase in foreign tourists can drive the local consumption, which for many businesses and tenants are useful. In addition, according to Airbnb published data, 2016 average tenants rent up to 6100 US dollars.