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Herbstreith-Fox etc 12 Customers Select QYResearch


QYResearch.Ltd is a global management consulting company; we provide enterprise customers from all over the world with a variety of industry and market dynamic data to help businesses to effectively carry out a variety of planning and Development Strategy. QYResearch.Ltd has professionals from various industries, through the industry's specialized analysts to provide the most comprehensive view of the current situation and the most accurate data to draw a high-quality market research report.

As a dedicated and professional market research report service provider, QYResearch.Ltd has received customer support from all over the world. Here are some of the international customer shows:

Herbstreith-Fox  hf-group   hjc-helmet howden   owenmumford   jwspeaker lgchem  lesaffre  mitsumi kester  mail   langleyempirecandle

Founded in May 2007, QYResearch.Ltd specializes in research, seminars, and database services for clients, including consulting, IPO consulting, and database consulting. The company has an extensive database of necessary information (More than 10 years of experience in various sectors of the part-time professional resources), professional research team (research team members with more than 3 years expertise in the consulting industry and more than 2 years in-depth experts in the industry) (SPSS statistical method and a variety of PPT graphics production team); company team has always been the pursuit of product quality, adhere to the quality is the Founding of the company through all the years of efforts and a significant number of customer support, the constant State-chi Consulting Group creative design of a number of high-quality markets research methods and cultivate an experienced research team.